At KnotNCo we often hear from customers frustrated by their rugs constantly shifting out of place, even on carpeted floors. Have you noticed your floor rug moving around in your home? This is a common issue when walking through living spaces, and it can be particularly annoying when your rug ends up bunched up or crooked.

Several factors contribute to this problem, such as foot traffic, uneven flooring, or the type of rug pad used. Fortunately, keeping your rug in place is easier than you think with some practical tips.

The best ways to stop your rugs moving on carpet are to:

  • Anchor your rug with furniture (couches and tables work great)
  • Use a non-slip underlay
  • Use a rug-on-rug gripper
  • Use a non-slip mat or rug tape
  • Use caulk (for cheaper rugs)

Why Do Rugs Move on Carpet?

Rugs move on carpet because the friction between the two surfaces is insufficient to keep them steady.

The carpet's soft strands lack a firm hold, leading the rug to slide around, particularly with foot traffic or furniture movement. This lack of grip can make it difficult to maintain the rug in place without support.

How to Stop Rugs Moving on Carpet

There are some key techniques below that can prevent this from occurring:

Furniture Anchors

Furniture at the edge of the rug, or even in the middle of the rug, will give it an 'anchor'. This will hold the carpet in place, especially for those large rugs that are placed either in the lounge or the dining area.

The heavier and wider the furniture, the better it will keep your rug from moving. To increase stability, position larger pieces of furniture, such as a couch, on at least two of the rug's edges.

Make sure the couch's front legs are on the rug to properly anchor it. Similarly, place heavy furniture such as coffee tables or bookcases partially on the rug to add weight and prevent moving.

This positioning maintains the rugs position while also creating a balanced and aesthetically beautiful layout in the room.

Non-Slip Underlay

A non-slip underlay can help keep your rug from moving. These underlays are often constructed of rubber or felt, which form a resistive surface that keeps the rug in place.

Rug on Rug Gripper

Another reason for rug movement is the difference in texture and pile height between the rug and the carpet.

If the carpet the rug is sitting on is low-pile then then rug is much more likely to slip and move around compared to being placed on a high-pile carpet.

A rug on rug gripper can help with this problem.

They typically feature a sticky surface that adheres to the rug and a textured surface that grips the carpet. This dual-action design ensures that the rug stays firmly in place, even in high-traffic areas.

These grippers are intended to stick to both the rug and the carpet, resulting in a sturdy base that reduces movement.

Non-Slip Mat

A non-slip mat is one of the most simple and effective options. These mats are placed between the rug and the carpet, creating a gripping surface that keeps the rug from sliding.

Non-slip mats are available in a variety of sizes and materials, allowing you to select the one that best fits your rug and carpet type.

At KnotNCo we recommend high-quality rubber or felt mats for optimal performance.

Rug Tape

Rug tape is another great way to keep your rug in place. This double-sided tape binds to both the rug and the carpet, forming a solid bond that prevents movement.

Rug tape is simple to use and may be cut to fit any rug size. It's also an excellent choice for high-traffic areas where rugs tend to shift.


Caulk is an efficient way to keep a rug from sliding around. Simply apply a bead of clear acrylic latex caulk in a zigzag pattern to the underside of the rug, focusing on the edges and corners.

After applying the caulk, let it to dry completely until it is tacky but not sticky when touched. This generates a non-slip surface that holds the floor, preventing the rug from sliding while protecting the flooring underneath.

Caution: This method is best suited for cheaper rugs, as the caulk can sometimes seep through the material. Avoid using this technique on expensive or handmade rugs to prevent potential damage.

How to Keep a Rug from Bunching Up on Carpet?

Our clients often say that their Persian are rugs bunch up, requiring continuous readjustments. Daily foot movement from family and pets can cause a rug to shift and wrinkle, reducing their visual appeal and may cause safety risks.

To avoid this, consider using a high-quality rug pad made for delicate and handmade rugs, which gives grip and cushioning.

Place heavy furniture strategically to anchor the rug, and consider using nonslip pads or a small layer of caulk on the underneath to protect delicate fibres. Regular maintenance, such as vacuuming and rotating the rug, will also help it stay in place and look its best.

Tips to Help Your Rug Stop Bunching Up

Here are some tips to help your rug stay in place and looks terrific:

  • Regular Maintenance: Your rug will last longer if you vacuum it and clean it generally, this helps smooth out the wrinkles and creates a smooth flat surface for your comfort. We suggest around once a week so it stays beautiful for years to come.
  • Good Placement: Ensure that your rug is placed in the centre of the room or aligning with the room's scheme, this helps balance the distribution of the rugs weights and avoid movements. For example in a long thin hallway, you would opt for a more narrow rug runner, rather than a wider shaped rug. A wider shaped rug is best for larger areas such a a lounge room or study. You can check out our collection further or contact our team over at KnotNCo online.

Choose KnotNCo for Your Next Rug

Keeping your rug in place on a carpeted floor doesn't have to be a challenge. With the right tools and techniques, you can enjoy the beauty and comfort of your rug without the frustration of constant movement.

Whether you choose a non-slip mat, rug tape, or a specialised rug on carpet gripper, there are plenty of effective solutions to suit your needs.

At KnotNCo, we're committed to helping you find the perfect rug and accessories to add a touch of comfort to your home. Visit us online to discover our range of high-quality products and expert advice.